Portman denies nudity!

Natalie Portman nude? Um, no.Well, not all the time, we hope.

But the actress did deny -- through a representative -- that she did a nude scene in the soon-to-be-released film "Goya's Ghosts".

Rumours were swirling that the "Star Wars" beauty would bare all in the biopic of Spanish painter Francisco Goya, in which she plays the artist's muse who is accused of atheism and then stripped as punishment.

But her representative says, "It is a body double in the scene and the double is in profile and in shadow. You see nothing."

StarChatter predicts the film will fail miserably!

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SandyToes said...

I don't see the attraction to Portman. She's no dazzling beauty, and if her Star Wars gig is any indication, she sucks as an actress. So, on the other hand, maybe a nude scene would do her good.