Olsen Twins blowing smoke?

Olsen Twins nude? Nah, just smoking like fiendsMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, once known to millions as the squeaky-clean Olsen Twins, are now rumoured to hold cigarette smokathon sessions at the headquarters of their billion-dollar company, Dualstar Entertainment Group.

The twins visit Dualstar's Culver City offices in California once a month, where they allegedly chain smoke for hours in their office.

The Olsens, who turn 20 this month, have been child actors since they were one. Mary-Kate shattered their clean image when she checked into rehab recently to be treated for an eating disorder, and was plagued by rumours she had a drug addiction.

StarChatter sez: "Give a hoot, don't pollute... your lungs, that is."

Or, as W.C. Fields used to say, "That'll stunt your growth, kid!"

Um, too late!

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