Anniston: Sex with Vince better

Jennifer Anniston nude! OK, we're kidding -- but she is talking about SEX!Jennifer Anniston reportedly had a "girl's night" with her closest friends recently, and as the wine flowed they talked about the best sex they'd ever had, but Brad Pitt's name allegedly did not come up.

A friend of Jennifer's is quoted by New Weekly magazine as saying: "Hands down, Vince is the best lover Jen says she's ever had. She giggles, saying how great he is, in and out of the bedroom. Jen says Vince is a real man. He understands her needs sexually and emotionally."

It has also been claimed that Jennifer never spoke adoringly about her relationship with Brad -- who just had his first child with Angelina Jolie -- but can't stop talking about Vince.

Another friend of the actress said: "Contrary to what a lot of people think, Jen really has moved on from Brad. Jen says she doesn't need another star-studded wedding. She wants it to be all about her and Vince."

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