Maria Bello: Monogamy sucks

Maria Bello nude! Haha, just kidding!Actress Maria Bello told Esquire magazine that she will be one of the last celebrities to settle down and marry -- because she thinks its impossible to be faithful to one partner for life.

Well, that IS a refreshing view, given all of the mixing and matching that goes with the celebrity lifestyle.

The actress, who starred recently in "A History of Violence", has never married, but has a five-year-old son with TV executive Dan McDermott.

She told Esquire, "The whole idea of monogamy is nonsensical to me. I suppose I understand the idea of a lifelong helpmate and friend. But when you have to stay sexually monogamous to this one person, I think it's usually a big fat lie. Read the statistics. Seventy per cent of people are having affairs."

Um, that stat sounds a little low for Hollywood. The problem is, if celebrities followed her lead, what would all the frenzied wedding watchers do?

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