Paris Hilton: skinny celebs are 'gross'

Paris Hilton nude? No, just skinny.Pot, meet Kettle.

Paris Hilton, the rail-thin celebutante whose 15-minutes has turned into an eternity, claims to dislike overly thin celebrities.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "A lot of women are too thin. But I like food too much. I think those people who are getting really skinny -- and I'm not saying which ones -- just look gross."

OK, we know she's digging at Nicole Richie, and she'd be correct: Richie is grossly bony. But really, couldn't Paris stand to eat some damned butter or ice cream or something?

Hilton also recently revealed she thinks one-night stands are "gross".

The hotel heiress -- whose porn video 'One Night in Paris' is one of the best selling adult DVDs of all-time -- said she would never bed a man straight after meeting him.

"One-night stands are not for me. I think it's gross when you just give it up."

Um, yeah. Right. Starchatter says: Can we get some of what she was she smoking/drinking when she made that statement?

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