Heather Mills feeding frenzy

The media is frothing over the allegations that Heather Mills was once a high-paid prostitute -- and we don't mean her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney.

Here's a sampling of the headlines from around the globe:

"Lady McCartney denies lesbian prostitute claims"
"Heather: I was not a hooker"
"Hard-core Heather"
"Mills-McCartney: 'I was not a call girl'"
"Heather Mills McCartney's sexy past"
"Mills appeared in two X-rated publications"

And of course the Lady Heather Mills (soon-to-be-ex) McCartney has denied all allegations and has threatened to sue the Fleet Street tabloids over the scandalous reports.

As for the reports, they allege that Mills:
-- was a prostitute for Arab businessmen
-- posed nude for a sex book
-- engaged in other lewd conduct unbecoming a lady


As for StarChatter, we're awaiting hard evidence in the form of photos. So, if you got 'em, share 'em!

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