JenJim? McCarrey? Jimmeny?

jenny mccarthy nude? not this time.
Well, as if anyone but we StarChatters care, it appears that Jenny McCarthy (former Playboy model, former blonde-then-brunette-then blonde-again bimbo) has teamed up with Jim Carrey.

According to a vapid report by PEOPLE magazine, the two have been spotted together at various southern California locales, including a tony L.A. restaurant.

McCarthy, who divorced her husband director John Asher, last year, is promoting her newest book, Life Laughs: The Naked Truth About Motherhood, Marriage and Moving On.

Nothing like a little rumor of a celebrity pairing to pump up book sales. Let's just see if this thing has legs.

Oh, and we're voting for JenJim as the couple's pet name.

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JessK said...

Yeah, JenJim gets my vote too. But I don't think this thing will last long enought to make it to the pet name stage. Oh, it could also be JimJen!