Daryl Hannah treed

daryl hannah shown here not in a tree, but sort of posing in a sexy see-through bathing suit.One-time mermaid Daryl Hannah was arrested Tuesday during a protest in L.A.

Hannah and more than a dozen others were arrested while protesting the the closing of a 14-acre urban community garden slated to be replaced with a warehouse and other commercial development by the landowner.

According to reports, Hannah and famous tree sitter John Quigley raised their fists as authorities used a fire truck lift to bring them down from a walnut tree towering over the green swath in a gritty area southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

"I'm very confident this is the morally right thing to do, to take a principled stand in solidarity with the farmers," Hannah told The Associated Press in a cell phone call before officials reached her perch and arrested her.

Seventeen arrests were made inside the garden for investigation of failure to obey a court order and for obstructing sheriff's deputies trying to carry out the order, according to the sherrif's department.

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