Joel trying to get back in Brinkley's pants?

Billy Joel is providing ex-wife Christie Brinkley with a shoulder to cry on following her split from architect Peter Cook, according to the gossip mill.

Brinkley and Cook's 10 year union ended last month after the former model discovered he had had an affair with his teenage assistant Diana Bianchi. Cook has since been accused of a number of other affairs.

Despite having divorced Joel in 1995 -- the couple's 20-year-old daughter Alexa said the piano man has reached out to his ex-wife to offer support.

"It's nice to see that, in times like this when something hard comes down on my mum, my dad will be there -- and likewise. Right now my dad is very, like, 'If there's anything she needs, let me know...' "I need that sense that my parents care about each other, and they do. I'm the one thing that really keeps them connected, and that's quite a pressure."

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Geramy said...

Haha! She said "when something hard comes down on me mum!"

I think that's what Billy wants to do!