Jodie Sweetin to watch others undress

Jodie Sweetin nude! OK, not really. But she will be watching other people take their clothes off on TV.Jodie Sweetin, who played sister to the Olsen twins on TV's "Full House," will return to the small screen on Fuse Music Television.

Sweetin will host the reality show "Pants-Off Dance-Off" which features amateur men and women stripping to popular songs. The gig begins July 18.

Nice work if you can get it.

The 24-year-old actress told "Good Morning America" earlier this year that she checked herself into rehab in March 2005 to recover from methamphetamine addiction. She plans to visit college campuses around the country to speak about her recovery.


Napoleon said...

Seems the word "Actress" gets thrown around alot lately hmm?

Jenn said...

Hehe heh -- yeah, kind of like Paris Hilton is an actress.