Locklear erasing Sambora

Heather Locklear nude? No, just getting rid of the Sambora tattooHeather Locklear reportedly is erasing Richie Sambora from her life -- literally.

Locklear had “Richie” tattooed on her left hip when the two were a happy couple. But now that the two are divorcing, she's erasing the name. In it's place: a rose.

Indeed, some have gossiped that while in the tatoo shop, she had the name "Finch" scribed on her ankle, an homage to her current fling David Spade.

Starchatter's advice to Locklear: Um, you might want to stop putting names on your body altogether.

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BranMuff said...

She's hot, but sort of used up, eh? What does she see in dumpy old David Spade? He ain't no bad boy, that's for sure.