Britney to give birth in Namibia? Nah.

Britney Spears Nude! OK, not really, but did you see the size of her hooters?Shortly after the Britney Spears NBC Dateline interview with Matt Lauer, the gossip was coming in fast and furious that she was planning on heading to Namibia to give birth to her second child, a la Angelina Jolie.

Uh, not so fast, said Spears publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik on Friday. "Not true," she was quoted. OK, that's simple enough.

But StarChatter asks, if not Namibia, then where? Neither Spears nor her publicist would say. We of course have our own suggestions:

1. Bahgdad. Sure, it's a hot zone, but wouldn't we all like to see some paparazzi get blown up?

2. Any place ending in "-stan". So many choices! And it's be fun hearing the ET chicks try to say "Kyrsyrkystan."

3. Albania. Actually we're saving that one for Jessica Alba.

4. Arkansas. C'mon -- give a backward state a little celebrity exitement!

By the way, was StarChatter the only one to notice how absolutely humongous Spears' hooters have gotten? Geez, she could feed a family...

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