Jessica Simpson likes a man with a big...

Jessica Simpson nude? Nah, she's too nice. Or maybe just a tease...Imagination.

That's just one of the juicy tidbits Jessica Simpson reveals in the most recent issue of Maxim magazine. Unfortunately for the subscribers, she doesn't reveal any of the tidbits they REALLY want to see.

Anyway, the bombshell blonde said "A guy with a great imagination sends me through the rafters. I love it!"

Hmmmm. We never thought about calling a man's you-know-what a "great imagination." Props, blondie!

Simpson, 25, also noted her other turn-ons: "I love to kiss with my eyes open because I can take in the entire situation and know if I'm enjoying it or not."

Yeah, with your eyes closed, it's hard to tell how big a man's "imagination" is, too.

She also mentioned her sister Ashlee's rack: "My sister has the most perfect boobs and skinniest legs."

As if her own boobs weren't perfect? We'd be happy to have a look so we can compare.

StarChatter out.


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