Tina Fey: No more 'Saturday Night Live'

Tina Fey  is leaving Saturday Night LiveTina Fey is leaving "Saturday Night Live" after a nine year run.

Fey, who both writes and performs on the show, anchoring the Weekend Update segment, is in preparations for a fall launch of her new sitcom, "30 Rock".

No announcement has been made on Fey's replacement, and the announcement is said to have left the program's producers scrambling to rethink the Weekend Update slot, which Fey co-presents with Amy Poehler. The show enters its 31st season in September.

Fey told the New York Daily News, "I think I'm out of the fake news business for a while."

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Gina said...

God--SNL is so over. It hasen't been good forever. I think of all the comedy writers out there and what a show like that could be doing. I think they need to shake it up and get over themselves.

For the record, I think Tina Fey is OK, but I can't se her holding up an entire sitcom.