Britney nude in August Bazaar!

Britney baring it all!You've seen the recent photos of Britney as a brunette -- now we find out that she apparently did the hair job as part of a pictorial for Bazaar magazine.

The photo spread, which will appear in the August edition of the fashion magazine, shows off not just Spears' newly minted hair, but a a few more of the pop queen's assets as well.

The magazine will include about a half-dozen photos in all, including the cover shot shown here. (Click the small photos to see the big pictures.)

Britney nude? Yes indeedy.All in all, not a bad pictorial. The pix certainly make her appear a bit more motherly than the paparazzi have made her out to be. And that's precisely the point, we're quite sure. A nice coup for Britney, and she can indeed now brag that she's appearing NUDE! in a major magazine.

StarChatter says "Check it out!"


doggerelblogger said...

Ugh. She's so totally copying Demi Moore.


Kerry said...

Now that you mention it -- the photos are strikingly similar to Demi's! Maybe J.B. could post a comparison photo.