Jamie Lynn Spears 'name the Baby' poll

OK, we're giving you, our dear reader, the chance to help name Jamie Lynn Spears' baby!

That's right -- we've come up with the most probable names and included them in our poll (see sidebar). But you can of course provide your own name in the comments.

The poll will run through Dec. 30, and we'll announce the winning name on New Year's Eve. What a way to exit 2007!


Anonymous said...

Hey, leave Jamie Lynn alone!!!

Ha ha! Love the poll.

Anonymous said...

I say that Julianne, or brookelynn is cute. But for jamie lynn, mabye she would want somthing like Kaylynn or brookelynn, somthing ending in 'lynn'.

Anything girlish (it is a girl)

I love babies!

Anonymous said...

I love EMILY BETH! So cute!