Jessica Alba gets rough

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba said sex scenes on the set of 'Good Luck Chuck' with co-star Dane Cook resulted in a bruised lip and broken tooth.

Alba told TV show Extra: "We shot all our love scenes in one day and I actually lost a tooth. I chipped a tooth as well so I need to get that fixed. Isn't that disgusting?"

"We were smashing our faces together and it just happened. It's not the slowest, most romantic of love scenes. Dane's a wild one."

In the film, Cook plays a guy whose ex-girlfriends end up marrying the next man they meet after dumping him.

Despite her dental injuries, Alba, 24, insists Cook was a fantastic leading man.

"He's great. He's a mixture of this great comedic actor and this crazy, energetic, physical guy. He's like the new Steve Martin. It's brilliant physical comedy."

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