Tori Spelling gets the shaft

Tori Spelling isn't getting much of Daddy's money!Tori Spelling was expecting perhaps $200 million from her late father's estate -- legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling. Instead she got the shaft.

The actress will get a $200,000 cash inheritance and around $600,000 in private investments -- just 0.16 per cent of her father's assets of more than $500 million.

Spelling is said to be mighty pissed that her mother's home decorator, Robert Dolley, was left $50,000 and her manicurist, Ernestine Young, will get $25,000.

The elder Spelling decided to cut Tori out of his will just months before he died. The pair reportedly had a dramatic falling out when Tori confronted him about her mother Candy's alleged affair. The two refused to speak to each other for nine months -- but Tori insists she made up with her father on his death bed.

Ken Baker, an editor at Us Weekly, said: "Alzheimer's was listed as a contributing factor in his death so he may not have been of sound mind when he revised the will.

"Tori, I'm told, will contest the will. However, the will has a no contest clause, so it could be a really messy fight."

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