Stacey Dash: The Playboy pix

Stacey Dash poses or PlayboyAs we told you previously, Stacey Dash -- formerly of "Clueless" and several lesser known flicks -- has posed for Playboy magazine, and the pictures just rolled in.

The results? Not too shabby for the 40-something actress. Playboy's August 2006 edition features 17 photos of Dash in various degrees of undress (the photo at right is one example -- others feature Dash fully undressed).

Now, if you'd like to peruse the collection, we encourage you to buy the magazine. However, the complete set has been leaked online on several sites. We'll link to one here:

WARNING: Not safe for work!

StarChatter's question: How much did she get paid?

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Kajel said...

No way is she 40! Kudos to her for keeping in shape -- and she isn't a walking stick like some of these so called "beautiful women" of Hollywood.