Stacey Dash bares all?

Stacey Dash nude Playboy photoStacey Dash — the stunning co-star of the 1995 cult film "Clueless" — is hoping to give her acting career a boost by posing nude for Playboy, according to the gossip mill.

Dash played trendy teenager Dionne in the Alicia Silverstone hit when she was actually in her late 20s. Now 40, she has appeared in a string of unremarkable films and hopes to revive her fortunes by baring all.

Dash will reportedly appear in a spread in the August 2006 issue of the popular men's magazine. She has previously appeared in various stages of undress — semi-nude, if you prefer — in a 2004 edition of Smooth magazine. (See photo at right.)

The magazine publication coincides with the release of the new film "I Could Never Be Your Woman," in which Dash stars with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Starchatter's opinion: She's how old!?! Wow. She should be selling beauty secrets on infomercials...


Evan said...

My god she is hot. I always thought she stole the movie (Clueless) -- I think Alicia Silverstone looked like a frump, comparitively. She seemed to have totally dropped out of site after that. Can't wait to see the Playboy pix!

Gayle T. said...

Rumors had it she was into drugs and sex parties and really played the Hollywood tramp bit all the way. I have not seen her in one thing since Clueless.