Nicole Richie photo scandal?!?

Nicole Richie seeing red about candid photos.As if photos of Nicole Richie in various stages of undress were scandalous. Sounds like a setup to your's truly, but we pass this tidbit along for those who may have missed it.

From MSN:

Nicole Richie has been rocked by a n-u-d-e photo scandal, with photographs of the socialite and her celebrity friends set to be leaked on to the Web.

According to sources, the skinny star, 24, is scared stiff raunchy shots of her will be circulated after she lost her camera at nightspot Guy’s in LA recently.

“Nicole had been experimenting and had a memory card full of s-e-x-y n-u-d-e photos of her and a lot of friends,” says a source. “They’d be embarrassed if they got out.”

Nicole was partying with pals -- including Lindsay Lohan and ex-boyfriend Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM -- at a karaoke night at the West Hollywood hot spot when she lost the camera containing the saucy shots.

“They were having fun and then suddenly she’s freaking out after she realises the camera’s gone,” says a source.

Realising what could happen if it landed in the wrong lap, Nicole panicked.

“Immediately, she’s demanding the bar staff shut off the karaoke, turn on the lights and get everyone to search for the camera,” says one source.

“It was pretty funny,” adds another. “Here are all these A-listers – and their bags are getting searched. Nicole was in the corner going totally nuts and losing it.”

However, despite a massive hunt forthe camera, it was never found.

As we said, this smells like a great publicity stunt.

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