Lohan's boobs feel real!

Lindsay Lohan in a pink bikiniLindsay Lohan: Her boobs feel real!Look at Lindsay Lohan's boobs!

Drummer Harry Judd of the rock group McFly says Lindsay Lohan's boobs are REAL.

Judd revealed that he had a brief fling with Lohan while they filmed the movie 'Just My Luck' together.

Lohan has been dogged by rumors that she's had a boob job, but Judd insists they felt real when he got his hands on them.

Said Judd: "I couldn't tell but they felt real, so if they're fake, they're very good ones. They looked very natural."

Judd, who has repeatedly talked about their fling in the last few weeks, admits he would feel awkward if he met Lohan anytime soon, because Lohan insists nothing romantic happened between them.

"It would be awkward. I'd be like, 'Come on, why are you lying?' She was really nice when we saw her about a month ago, but that's before I talked about it publicly."

StarChatter sez: We've included a few photos here so that you, the reader, can judge for yourself. Aren't we nice?

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