Christina Aguilera's missing nipple ring

Christina Aguilera has had her nipple piercing removed -- reportedly out of respect for her husband and contrary to her earlier statements that she wouldn't change for marriage.

The 'Dirrty' singer -- who at one time boasted multiple piercings, including ones on her, uh, snatch, -- once vowed she would always keep her nipple ring "for herself".

But recent pictures of Aguilera dressed in a see-through top showed no sign of the ring (click the photo at right to do your own inspection). It's rumored that the 25-year-old singer got it removed for her music executive husband, Jordan Bratman.

A source said: "Now she's married, Christina has decided to remove her right nipple ring -- the last of what used to be 12 piercings."

Aguilera once claimed that she would not tone down her raunchy image just because she had gotten married.

"Being sexual is a huge part of my artistry and who I am as a woman. When I am sexual in my lyrics or videos, it's because I am being honest. I'm in favour of any woman being proud of her body."

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