Simple Life: Paris, Nicole ride again

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie will once again prance about half naked and drip innuendo on unsuspecting bystanders in a fourth season of "The Simple Life" scheduled to be broadcast on E! beginning June 4.

Interestingly, the duo, who reportedly can't stand the sight of one another, have been filming their segments seperately.

Subtitled "'Til Death Do Us Part", the latest installment of the cheeky seriees features the celebutantes infiltrating families for the usual insulting but presumably harmless fun. The first episode, according to E!, finds Paris and Nicole (separately) wearing a pregnant suit, cleaning house and babysitting a 3-year-old. The second episode has the duo infiltrating a Pakistani-American family to trivialize their religion, ruin their kitchen and corrupt their teenage son.

With any luck, Nicole has conquered her rumored eating disorder and put on a few pounds.

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